How to Setup ProxyLink in Hidemyacc Antidetect Browser

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How to Setup ProxyLink in Hidemyacc Antidetect Browser

In today’s digital age, online anonymity and security have never been more crucial. Whether you’re a seasoned digital marketer, an e-commerce enthusiast, or simply someone looking to safeguard their online presence, the Hidemyacc Antidetect Browser combined with ProxyLink has emerged as a formidable solution.

This blog post delves into configuring ProxyLink within the Hidemyacc Antidetect browser, a powerful combination that ensures online privacy and opens new possibilities.

What is Hidemyacc?

Hidemyacc is an antidetect browser that enables you to create multiple profiles and run them simultaneously on a single computer. Each profile has a unique browser fingerprint, and you can add a proxy to change the IP address for each profile. This ensures that each logged-in account remains undetected.

Who is Hidemyacc for?

To operate smoothly and avoid detection, having a variety of anonymous profiles across multiple domains is crucial. However, creating numerous user profiles on a single computer isn’t feasible if you’re the sole user.

This is where Hidemyacc comes in, offering a solution to modify your browser data, ensuring that your profiles remain inconspicuous.

  • Affiliate Marketing: Harness the power of multiple accounts to promote various products and boost your passive income.
  • E-commerce: With Hidemyacc, you can work on E-commerce platforms with anonymity using separate accounts.
  • Web Scraping: Hidemyacc streamlines your resource usage with different browser profiles, making tool management and algorithm development a breeze.
  • Digital Marketing: Run diverse advertising campaigns and view them from various profiles with different geolocations, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability.
  • Cryptocurrency: Create multiple sets of Airdrop accounts discreetly, evading detection.
  • Gambling & Betting: Hidemyacc lets you maintain your anonymity by generating multiple profiles with distinct browser fingerprints.

Hidemyacc Main Feature

Hidemyacc boasts a rich array of features that bolster its effectiveness in evading detection. Let’s delve into some of these standout features:

  • Tailored Browser Fingerprints: When crafting new profiles, Hidemyacc can randomize browser fingerprint parameters or allow you to customize them according to your specific needs.
  • Seamless Team Collaboration: Enhance teamwork by sharing profiles and folders with your team members. Group your multiple accounts into specific categories, streamlining team management. Moreover, you can create multiple sub-accounts and oversee them all under a single primary account.
  • Effortless Automation: One of the most remarkable features is automation, designed to save you time and energy. Hidemyacc’s Automation empowers you to create script batches without the need for programming skills. Additionally, Hidemyacc offers a selection of free scripts for use on various platforms like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Twitter, and more.
  • Auto Backup: In the event of an accidental profile deletion, you can easily restore your data. Hidemyacc’s server automatically backs up your information every 24 hours. If needed, you can contact their support team via Telegram, Facebook, Skype, or email for a quick recovery.
  • Top-Notch Security: Hidemyacc continually updates its algorithms to ensure a secure working environment, particularly for high-security platforms such as eBay, Etsy, Facebook, and more.
  • Round-the-Clock Support: Hidemyacc’s customer care team is highly responsive and provides instant assistance. Whether you encounter technical or operational issues, the technical team is always on standby to offer prompt solutions.
  • Abundant Add-ons: Hidemyacc not only offers a selection of over 700 extensions that you can integrate directly when creating a new profile but also provides various valuable add-ons to enhance your productivity, including Facebook Automation, X Automation, and more.

Pricing Plan

As one of the most effective antidetect browsers available, Hidemyacc offers competitive pricing options when compared to others in the market. You have the flexibility to choose from five distinct pricing plans:

hidemyacc pricing

Moreover, Hidemyacc offers a generous 50% discount for annual subscriptions, making it an even more cost-effective choice.

To further enhance user convenience, Hidemyacc supports a variety of payment methods, including Bitcoin, USDT, PayPal, PingPong, Payoneer, and Visa/MasterCard. Following a successful transaction, your subscription will be activated within minutes.

In addition to these payment options, you can also top up your accounts and utilize Hidemyacc coins for payments. This versatility ensures that you can choose the payment method that suits you best.

Let’s register and log in to your ProxyLink account.

proxylink login

Step 2: Generate your proxy 

In the Dashboard, you select « Purchase Data. » The screen will display various residential proxy packages. Depending on your needs, you can choose the package that suits you.

proxylink purchase data

Click on « Get now, » and you will have two options to purchase using Litecoin or Bitcoin. If you want to buy via PayPal, you need to join the ProxyLink Discord channel.

proxylink bitcoin

Select « Proxy Generator » and enter the necessary information, such as the country, type of proxy, format, and the quantity you require.

proxylink generate proxy

Finally, click « Generate » and copy the generated proxy.

Step 3: Download Hidemyacc

Go to Hidemyacc website to download the latest version. 

hidemyacc download

Step 4: Create your new account and then sign in: 

hidemyacc sign up

Click “New profile” to create new profiles. In Proxy section, choose “Your Proxy”. Choose the HTTP protocol and paste the proxy you copied earlier.

proxylink newprofile

You can verify the live status of the proxy by clicking « Check Proxy. »

Configuring ProxyLink within Hidemyacc offers a host of benefits for your online experience.

Enhanced Privacy

ProxyLink helps you change your true IP address and replaced with a residential IP address. This robust anonymity safeguard shields your online activities, safeguarding your privacy.

Bypassing Geographical Restrictions

With more than 7 million IPs, ProxyLink let you to gain the ability to circumvent geographical constraints. Connect to servers in different countries, granting you swift access to geographically restricted websites and services, thus breaking down barriers.

Leverage Useful Features

Hidemyacc Antidetect browser is packed with a multitude of valuable features, including Automation, Teamwork, Team Member support, and more. It not only enables you to conceal your true identity with different browser fingerprints for each profile but also facilitates smooth collaboration with your team. Combining Hidemyacc with ProxyLink will empower your privacy.

Manage Multiple Accounts without bans

The seamless integration of Hidemyacc’s Antidetect Browser and ProxyLink simplifies the management of multiple accounts. When creating a new profile in Hidemyacc, configuring it with ProxyLink makes it appear as if you have a new computer and a new Internet connection. This helps you conceal your original identity and create multiple accounts on various platforms without being detected.


Configuring ProxyLink in Hidemyacc is your key to enhanced online security and multi-account management. As the digital landscape evolves, this duo empowers you to navigate the web incognito and seize new opportunities. So, embark on your path to online privacy with Hidemyacc and ProxyLink.