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Our Residential Plan

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/ month

  • 7M+ Premium Residential IPs
  • Rotating & Sticky
  • High Trust IPs
  • Unlimited Threads

/ month

  • 7M+ Premium Residential IPs
  • Rotating & Sticky
  • High Trust IPs
  • Unlimited Threads

Why Choose Our Residential Proxies?

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Customer-Focused Support

We prioritize you! Experience excellent support via messages, ensuring a seamless and customer-friendly interaction.

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Versatility for Your Needs

Our extensive pool of over 7 million premium residential IPs provides versatility for various online activities.

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Guaranteed Privacy

We adhere to a rigorous no-logs policy, meticulously ensuring the absence of any records or logs related to your online activities.

Types of Residential Proxies We Offer

Discover our comprehensive range of residential proxies, each designed to cater to your unique online needs.
Explore the following options:

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Rotating Proxies

Experience the dynamic nature of rotating proxies that switch IPs with each request. Ideal for a variety of online activities, these proxies provide adaptability and versatility, ensuring optimal performance for tasks such as web scraping, SEO monitoring, and more.

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Sticky/Static Proxies

Opt for the stability of static proxies, where the same IP is maintained for an extended duration. Tailored for specific needs such as e-commerce, data analysis, and more, these proxies offer consistency and reliability, providing a steadfast online presence for your specialized tasks.

Secure and Reliable Proxy Services

Immerse yourself in the peace of mind provided by our secure and reliable proxy services. At ProxyLink, we prioritize your online privacy and reliability with the following features:

  • No-Logs Policy
  • High-Trust IP Addresses
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
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No-Logs Privacy Assurance

No logs, complete confidentiality

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High-Trust IP Addresses

Ban-proof browsing with our trusted IPs

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99% Uptime Guarantee

99% uptime for reliable proxy services

Understanding Residential Proxies

What Is a Residential Proxy?

A residential proxy acts as a mediator between users and the internet, channeling online traffic through residential IP addresses provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to actual homeowners.

This authentic approach makes residential proxies less susceptible to website flags or blocks. Widely utilized for web scraping, data mining, ad verification, and online anonymity, residential proxies offer users diverse web access points, ensuring authenticity and security for tasks requiring evasion of detection or geolocation restrictions.

Essentially, they empower users to navigate the digital realm with the credibility of genuine residential connections, enhancing trust and reliability in online endeavors.

What Is a Residential Proxy


Frequently asked questions

How do I choose between rotating and static proxies?

Answer: If you need constantly changing IPs for various activities, go for rotating proxies. For consistent IPs dedicated to specific tasks, choose static proxies.

Can I use these proxies for SEO monitoring?

Answer: Absolutely! Our proxies are ideal for SEO monitoring, providing reliable and diverse IPs for your needs.

How can I contact customer support if I have issues?

Answer: You can contact our customer support 24/7 via Discord, Telegram or Email. We’re here to assist you.

What is the advantage of having over 7 million IPs in the pool?

Answer: A vast IP pool ensures diversity and availability, reducing the risk of bans and enhancing your online experience.

Are these proxies suitable for web scraping and penetration testing?

Answer: Yes, our proxies are designed for web scraping and penetration testing, providing fast and reliable performance.

Is there a money-back guarantee if I’m not satisfied?

Answer: Yes, we offer a 200% money-back guarantee within the first 3 days if you are not satisfied with our services.

What is the difference between Beginner, Advanced, Expert, and Enterprise plans?

Answer: Plans differ in data usage (1GB to 50GB), all offering access to our extensive pool of 7 million+ premium residential IPs.

Do you support PayPal in addition to cryptocurrency payments?

Answer: Yes, we accept payments through PayPal and cryptocurrency for your convenience and privacy.

Can I switch between plans as my needs change?

Answer: Certainly! You can easily switch between plans based on your evolving requirements.

How do I ensure the security of my online activities using your proxies?

Answer: Our no-logs policy ensures complete privacy, and our high-trust IPs minimize the risk of bans, ensuring a secure online experience.

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