Frequently asked questions

What is a residential proxy?
Residential proxy network is a proxy network with real ip addresses provided by (ISPs). These addresses are linked to real places like countries.
Will the data I currently possess be retained if I purchase a new plan?
Yes of course
How ip auth work ?
We don’t work with ip auth, only user:pass auth.
How to generate proxy ?
To utilize these proxies, follow these steps after purchasing a plan: Visit https://dashboard.proxylink.pro/proxy, generate proxies with your preferred settings, and then apply them to your browser or any relevant software to initiate usage.
How do I get assistance?
For assistance, kindly reach out to our support team by emailing [email protected] from your registered email address (the one used during registration). Ensure to include your intenseproxy username for prompt and efficient support.
What residential proxies are used for?
Residential proxy are used for anonymity online, ads verification,seo,sneakers,account management, account creation and more – In short, all legal use cases.
How much ips in pool?
Dive into the vastness of our residential IP pool, boasting an impressive 7 million unique IPs at your disposal.
What is your refund policy?
Go to https://proxylink.pro/terms-and-conditions/
Which protocols are compatible?
At the moment, we endorse HTTP and HTTPS protocols.
Is there automatic billing at the end of my subscription?
No, there is no automatic debit. You have full control to choose whether to renew your subscription or not.
What Payment methods are accepted?
We accept cryptocurrency. For any other payment method, open a ticket on Discord.
What authentication system does your proxy use?
Our proxy authentication system exclusively supports the user:pass format. The accepted variations include: username:password:ip:port, alternative format with manual configuration (username:password@ip:port), and ip:port:username:password.
Do you offer a trial?
No, you can still take advantage of the 3-day 200% refund period to test our proxies.
My purchased bandwidth has been used up. How do I go about adding more bandwidth?
Select « Purchase Additional Data » within the « Buy » tab.
What is the difference of sticky and rotating proxy ?
A rotating proxy is a single proxy that changes its IP for every request, while a sticky proxy is a proxy that maintains the same IP for as long as possible (30/60 minutes or more).
Can i choose isp/city/country?
You can only select countries when generating proxies: https://proxylink.pro/residential-proxy-locations/

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