Does Incognito Mode Hide Your IP Address?

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Does Incognito Mode Hide Your IP Address

Ever wondered if incognito mode truly keeps your online actions under wraps? We’re about to break it down: « Does incognito mode hide your IP address? » Let’s explore this digital mystery and find out what it does and doesn’t do.

Understanding Incognito Mode

What’s Incognito Mode?

First things first – what does incognito mode even do? It’s like a superhero cape for your browsing history, but not for your IP address.

What Incognito Mode Doesn’t Hide

While it’s good at not saving your history, it’s not a wizard. Your IP address isn’t part of the incognito magic; it stays visible to websites.

No Full Anonymity Here

Wish incognito mode made you a digital ninja? Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Your internet service provider (ISP) and the websites you visit can still see your virtual footprints.

Does Incognito Mode Hide Your IP Address?

The Straight Answer

Let’s tackle the big question: Does incognito mode hide your IP address? Nope. It helps a bit with privacy, but your IP address remains out in the open.

Why Your IP Address Matters

Your IP address is like your online home address – it tells where you are and what you’re up to. Incognito mode is like closing your curtains a bit, but not locking the door.

Busting Some Myths

Myth: Incognito Equals Being Invisible

Incognito mode doesn’t make you vanish online. It’s more like wearing sunglasses; people can still see you, but it’s a bit harder.

Misconception: Safe from Tracking

Sorry, you’re not off the tracking radar. Incognito mode won’t save you from website tracking. Your IP address spills the beans.

Tips for Better Online Privacy

Go Full Stealth with a Proxy

If you want to be a true online ninja, use a Residential Proxy. It hides your IP address better than incognito mode.

Clean Up After Yourself

Even in incognito mode, tidy up by clearing cookies and cache. It’s like sweeping away your digital footprints.


Incognito mode adds a layer of privacy to your online adventure, but it’s not a complete invisibility shield. Understand its boundaries, stay vigilant, and think about additional tools like proxies for a more secure digital experience.